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The question; “Why people request for spells?”, keeps ringing in the minds of so many people. Fortunately the answers and rationales to it are so evident and easy to explain.

Spells date back to the days before Christ (B.C) and the subsequent advent of Islam in the 600s A.D. We have all read so many stories of witchcraft, bad blood, hatred, jealousy not only in love but in businesses and material possessions that we acquire in life. The Cain and Abel story in the bible was a perfect example of bad blood just like the suspension of Muhammad from Mecca in the Holy Quran.

Similarly today, people still feel or develop envy when you or me succeed in a business, excel at work, achieve a steady love relationship or designated as a co-wife. This envy and hatred normally leads to so many things raging from discomfort and stress to the victim to witchcraft and murders. Therefore, in a bid to word off such consequential problems, people seek among others; love spells, voodoo spells, protection spells, gay/lesbian spells and marriage spells.

With us here, the issues presented by our clients are so dynamic and diverse. This is the reason we constantly research into the various healing available in the Quran and sunnah/conduct of prophet Muhammad.

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