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The top love problems in major cities around the world are almost similar if not the same. First, the lack of self love crowns them. In any serious relationship, one must first of all appreciate the love for themselves. If you love yourself, then you will appreciate and learn to love the other party in the relationship the same way.

Lack of trust in the relationship. This is another giant problem in relationships in major cities. Today, most relationships in major cities like New York, Beijing, Paris and or Hong Kong among others have been on a foundation of money. People rarely fall for one another on the foundation of true love but rather for financial gains. This is the major breed of mistrust. One party in a relationship looks at the other as one after something. In the end this mistrust leads to so many things that end up ruining the relationship.

Dishonesty can not be excluded from this list. This is largely a problem associated with ladies. They conceal a lot of things from their new partners about their past love life. Eventually when their men find out, they get bitter. Scenarios of women having lied to be virgin, childless and not married before among others, are the biggest “ruiners” of relationships.

Lack of communication among st lovers is also widely registered as a problem. This is largely due to their busy work schedules and distances in relationships. This also creates a gap in the absence of connection among-st the two and hence a shaky relationship.

So, before you talk to your love spell caster, make sure those issues above are not part of your love relationship.


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