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Before we go deep into a spell to get a court case dismissed. Here are some tips for those who have been arrested and face court cases. Especially those who have been given a court-appointed lawyer. I am not a lawyer and this is not legal advice, just common sense. In addition, Sheikh Suleiman has the best spell to win a court case, spells for legal success and

win a court case

One shouldn’t plead guilty at a preliminary hearing. If necessary, you can always plead guilty at a later date. But once you plead guilty it is too late to go back. If you later have to plead guilty. Tell the lawyer you only want to plead to a misdemeanor, or what is called “a lesser included offense.”

THIS IS IMPORTANT! Remember that your lawyer WANTS to do good, but is probably very busy. Tell him you will pray for him and pray that he will be able to help you.

With a spell to get a court case dismissed. If the lawyer refuses to meet with you or breaks appointments often. You may need to write a letter of complaint to the chief public defender.


If this does not work, you may need to tell the Judge that you are “not getting adequate representation or effective council.” Use these words — but only if all else has failed, because this is risky.

Lastly, if the case is going to trial, here are seven things that have helped people in the past:

spell to win a court case or spells for legal success

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 In summary, for a spell to get a court case dismissed. First, you MUST pray that anyone who has been hurt in any way by this case will forgive you. If you are Catholic, Muslim or work with Saints, pray especially to your God.

Second, recite a verse from the Quran aloud at least once a day, for your own good.

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Third, before going to court, prepare some herbs to carry and a Little John to Chew (also known as Nkenene or Court Case Root) to chew while you are in court. This will force the judge to favor you.

spell to win a court case

Fourth, before or on the day of the court appearance, get yourself an Embalabaasa powder envelope and slit it open. Get a piece of paper and on it write the name of anyone who will testify against you. Write it nine times.

Put the paper inside the tongue with red hot pepper and pin the tongue with nine pins or needles, so it is shut up, and tie it up. This will very well help with a spell to get a court case dismissed.

Seventh, either begin nine days before your court date to recite the 99th chapter of the Quran. Similarly, in two portions over a pan of water and wash your face with that water on the day of your court appearance. And if it is too late for that, then on the day you go to court.

Bathe very early in the morning with Court Case Bath Crystals dissolved in your bath-water or wear clothes (socks at the very least) that have been rinsed in water to which Court Case Bath crystals have been added. You may combine these two bathing and washing rites if you wish.

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