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Before we even go deep into relationship challenges that require love spells , please make sure that you have since avoided the following sources of discomfort in your relationship;

  • Poor Time Management. …
  • Intimacy. …
  • Turned Focus. …
  • Emotional Infidelity. …
  • Money difficulties. …
  • Inability (or Unwillingness) to Forgive. …
  • Lack of Appreciation. …
  • Allowing Technology to Interfere.

People often assume that when you find one of these soul-mate like relationships, that it will be easier than other types of relationships. We assume this because of the depth of connection one feels with a soul mate, the closeness of friendship likely found with this person, the similarities between these two people as well as the crackling chemistry that exists. One might wonder, well how could it not be easy with something so incredibly amazing. But these breathtaking components do not make for a cake-walk and I will explain why.

When one cares this deeply for a person, passions are easily stirred. Sometimes sparks can turn into raging flames. Such deep caring, connection and passion can also mean hot tempers, sometimes obsessive demeanors and demanding behavior. As well as, the closer you are to someone, the more deeply they can wound you. When you have more invested in a relationship emotionally, you have more to lose.

Depending on the kind of relationship you share with your partner, the problems in a relationship too could be just as unique. But almost always, all problems in a relationship find their place in the areas i mentioned earlier.

Experiencing communication problems in your relationship? How often do you really focus on listening to what your partner has to say instead of insisting on more blame game? Feeling bitterness and resentment growing toward your partner? When was the last time you brought him or her before Allah in prayer and truly thanked Him for your relationship? Struggling to find quality time together? How about praying with your partner and asking God how he would like you to use your time?

As you begin to do these things, you’ll notice that your focus automatically starts to shift away from you and your desires and over to ALLAH and your partner. As a result, communication problems begin to improve, anger and resentment fade away and you naturally want to spend more time together. Of course, you can’t expect such changes to happen overnight. Your relationship is also bound to face financial pressures, child rearing issues and other problems that are beyond your control. But if you commit your relationship to God and make a conscious decision each day to put God and your partner first, your marriage will be able to weather any storm. Not only that; you’ll also have plenty of fun together along the way!

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