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A love spell should ideally be part of every human being’s life of spells simply because we all fall in love at some point in life. The most important issue here is, what should a spell worth dying for look like? I have heard lots of stories being tied to people looking out for love spells throughout my entire carrier of spell casting.

I personally don’t believe in this whole idea of conditions in the whole process of spell casting. During the times of the prophet Muhammad (S.A.W), one with a problem would just sit down in front of the prophet and then the latter makes a strong supplication calling out God/Allah to honor the wishes of the person in question.

It is this style we follow here at Islam All we need from our clients is their names and maybe a few details about them to help us in our prayers. Not all spells requested will take the same period to produce results. This will largely depend on the type requested and the gravity of the matter in question. The same will apply to a protection spell, return a lost lover spell and others.

For any further inquiries, you can contact Sheikh Suleiman using the contact below.

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love spells that work
A happy lesbian couple following a successful love spell.


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