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Today, i will walk you through the journey on how we cast our spells at This will basically help to increase transparency in how we do our work.

On receiving a new client seeking our spells, we quickly inform you of the entire cost of the whole exercise of casting a spell for you including the items we are to use in the casting of the said spell. We further ask you to pay half of that agreed amount and pay the balance on realizing results. As soon the payment has been done, We initiate the process of healing.

The first stage in this process is a READING into your life to tell what exactly is causing the problem or what exactly the truth about your belief is as in regard to whatever problem you’ve reported to us. This is the most senstive part of this process and is done by a gifted Shia Sheikh within our team of 8 sheikhs. As i said, each sheikh has special abilities necessary in the process of casting spells. The Sheikh that does the reading, has the power to invoke good spirits/jinns that tell us what exactly is happening in YOUR life. Its upon this advise of the good Jinns that we base upon to prescribe our next course of action.

The next phase is normally determined by the gravity of the situation as prescribed by the Jinns. Another Sheikh among-st us has the power to receive visions on the problem without necessarily invoking the spirits. These visions come more often than the READING that normally comes once. Unfortunately visions normally don’t give names of people involved but normally give clear views. When the sheikh describes what they see to the patient, the patient can easily relate with his own life to tell the names.

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