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Negativity spells! There quite so many ways we can eliminate negativity spells and be positive spells. It’s quite common for people to feel inferior and unable to do the most challenging tasks in the world. This is surely bad and has led to so many around the world especially in affluent areas like Texas, Shanghai, Colorado, and Mexico miss out on opportunities in life.

The Prophets were embodiments of positive thinking and positive action. This was a necessity for the fulfillment of their missions. Their relationship with God and the resulting knowledge and understanding of the universe strengthened their capacity in regards to positive thinking and action. There is a strong correlation between the two. The deeper a person’s understanding of the macrocosm, also known as the book of the universe, and the microcosm, which is the human being, the greater his or her degree of positive thinking. This can, in turn, lead to success in worldly and spiritual affairs.

Positive thinking and positive action are essential features of all prophetic traditions. This can be seen in the respective successes of Moses and Aaron against the Pharaoh, Jesus and his disciples in spreading his message, and Prophet Muhammad and his Companions in conveying Islam to three continents in the relatively short time span of half a century.

A thorough examination of historical sources on Prophet Muhammad’s life reveals his dedication to thinking and acting positively. He did not fight fear with fear, but rather directed people’s fear towards a righteous cause: fearing the displeasure of the Compassionate One who created them out of love. He did not fight hatred with hatred, but rather redirected people’s negative feelings towards a worthier cause: decreasing the propagation of evil. Instead of envying the worldly goods or positions of others, he directed people to compete with each other for the common good. The strength of Prophet Muhammad’s message, which transformed Arabia, was due to his way of life. His actions were exemplary in every respect and always came prior to his words.

The great men of today including Elon Musk, Jack Ma and Richard Branson, have all risen to great heights as a result of positive thinking. They threw fear and negativity out of their hearts to come up with huge projects like Space X, Alibaba, and virgin group respectively.

As good researchers aimed at finding solutions to life’s problems, we found quite a number of Duas/spells that can be directed at removing negativity and make one positive about so many things in life. Please contact Sheikh Suleiman on his Whatsapp number below for fast help in this area…



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